Welcome Home Package

You've had a new baby or babies...  


New parents and even some seasoned parents often have a moment when they leave the hospital, where they think, "what now?" it’s a feeling that can be rather daunting and overwhelming!


My welcome home package is extremely flexible and tailored to fit in with your needs. You can enjoy your first night at home that is designed to help you and your partner feel supported, nurtured and confident as you settle in as a new family. I can come to your home as soon as you wish to.


My role is to support you in your choices, answer any questions you may have, offer some guidance and tips from understanding your newborn to your recovery from birth whether you’ve had a vaginal delivery or a caesarean birth, making sure you feel nurtured and have everything you need in helping you and your new family settle down comfortably for the night, this can include preparing and cooking a nutritious meal, or unpacking any bags or even doing some light household chores/laundry.


I can come and stay with you as much or as little as you require and while I am not with you I will be available to you by phone at all times – day or night – for the first 72 hours after baby arrives home from hospital.


Please contact me for my availability and rates