Mothers need just as much attention as a newborn, because they too have just been born - anon 

Postnatal Support 


Having a doula at such a special time in your life allows you space to get to know your new baby in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. As a postnatal doula, my role is to protect your space, allowing confidence to grow in your abilities without taking over. I will come to your home and help you settle into your new life with a baby or babies!. I provide practical, emotional and informational support, simply by listening and helping reassure you that you are doing an amazing job, supporting your feeding choices and cooking you nutritious meals, holding your baby whilst you rest, doing some light housework, or anything else you need to be able to rest and concentrate on getting to know your new baby and finding your feet as a new parent. 


I am very much there to 'mother the mother' and offer support in a way which is unique to you and your families needs. I believe that if you are happy, your baby will be happy, so my role is support you in whatever choices and decisions you make.  I can start immediately after birth or once your partner, if there is one, has gone back to work. I have supported a number of families in the postnatal period, which I find extremely rewarding. I have vast experience and have thoroughly enjoyed supporting families with twins which has continued beyond the first few weeks, as they may have needed an extra pair of hands attending baby massage classes, appointments or babysitting. 

I might be the right doula to support you with your new baby if you are looking for ...

  • Someone to cook nutritious family meals

  • Someone to care for any older siblings and/or pets 

  • Signposting to local resources and services

  • Someone to look after baby so you can rest, sleep or attend an appointment

  • Someone to make sure you are fed and hydrated

  • Someone to support your feeding choices

  • Someone to pop some washing on or unload a dishwasher

  • Someone to remind you that you're doing an amazing job. 

The First Step

Please feel free to contact me for a friendly chat. The first initial meeting is free and with no obligation. Doulas come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, my suggestion is to always meet a handful of us. Its most important that you feel comfortable having someone in your home during those early weeks that you connect with. Find someone you think you may gel with, it’s a very special bond we share with many of our clients. Click here to find out more information about how a doula can support you


I tend to work for a minimum of 3 hours. My hourly rate is £18 this is inclusive of mileage within a 15miles radius of my home (RG29) 

For a block booking of 20 hours = £340 

I generally travel up to an hour from my home (RG29), if you are not sure if I cover your area, please do get in touch

"Desiree is a very reliable, knowledgeable, caring and enthusiastic lady who is very passionate about her work. She is always smiling and bonds with babies in no time. Thank you for all your help and support during the first few months Desiree. you really listened to use during your time with us and offered lots of useful ideas which helped us prepare for taking care of our little one and also,  thank you for restoring fun at bath time!." S, mum to baby A

"you’ve been the best doula!" P, mum of 2