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Night Doula

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Sometimes you just need a decent nights sleep! As your Night Doula I can come to your home and stay the night with your baby or babies. Parenting doesn’t end in the night hours and being sleep deprived can really knock the wind from your sails and can make it really tough to be the kind of parent you would like to be during the daytime. To function and recover more effectively, particularly if you have had a caesarean birth 

I will cover the feeds, the changing and settling of your baby during the night hours, allowing you the chance to have a decent night's rest. 

However you choose to feed your baby, I can bring the baby to you to feed or give your baby a bottle  - whatever works for you. I can then return to my room with your baby and change, wind, and settle your babe so that you are disturbed as little as possible. If you require my services as a night doula, I can be hired for a one off night, regular weekly bookings or a block of several nights a week. I don’t charge a booking fee or registration fee like agencies.

Please contact me for my night rates and availability

I cover most areas in London, Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey usually within an hours drive of RG29 

If you are unsure if I cover your area, please don't hesitate to contact me 

What I do:-

  • I offer emotional and practical support.

  • I will take care of your baby overnight, wake when they wake, and bring them to you if you would like me to for feeding. I will ensure any feeding equipment, breast pumps or bottles are sterilized after each feed, ready for the next one. 

  • I draw on my knowledge and experience as a Recognised Postnatal Doula and a Certified Holistic Sleep Coach and can provide suggestions and/or information about breastfeeding or bottle feeding,  infant sleep and supporting your baby to develop good sleep habits. 

  • I will care for your baby or babies in a nurturing and loving way.

What I don’t do:-

  • I don’t offer medical advice.

  • I am not a sleep trainer and won’t support any forms of controlled crying, cry it out methods or anything that involves leaving your baby to cry alone.

What some well rested families have to say... 

“Thanks so much for your help, it was a godsend and we managed a lot more sleep than we would have otherwise!” B, mum to H

"Desiree is a delight to work with; She is understanding as a mother herself, and has a very approachable non-judgemental way about her which is so easy to work with. " C, mum of 5

“Desiree joined our family to provide night support for our newborn twins from 4 until about 14 weeks old.  She helped with overnight feeds to enable my husband to go back to work refreshed and ensure that I was able to get enough rest to continue to feed the babies with breastmilk. She was easy to contact, responsive and always arrived on time.


Desiree was confident handling my newborns (who were smaller than average, having arrived early).  She was able to change, feed, wind and settle the babies using a range of techniques to ensure that the babies were as content as possible.  I particularly appreciated her ability to work efficiently, which maximised the amount of sleep I was able to get, and her willingness to listen out for the twins (who room with me) overnight, intervening quickly to settle them in between feeds, so that I could sleep a bit longer.


However, it was not just Desiree’s practical skills that I appreciated – it was the support, friendship, smile and sense of humour that made her indispensable.  Without her help, I am not certain that I would have been able to achieve my aim of exclusively breastfeeding the twins.  The sense of relief I felt all day, knowing that Desiree was coming to help in the evening, was so welcome and really helped take the pressure off me.


Desiree was incredibly supportive, I never felt pressured to do anything differently (as I had done with others), but I knew that she would offer very wise advice if asked.  Our whole family missed her very much when her time with us came to an end – if I could have kept her forever, I would have.


I would have no hesitation in recommending Desiree to any future or new parents.  She is an absolute gem, whose help makes everything seem easier and has left me forever grateful!

A, Mum to twins A & S

Postnatal Day Support

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Having a doula at such a special time in your life allows you space to get to know your new baby (or babies!) in a calm and relaxed atmosphere.


As a postnatal doula, my role is to protect your space, allowing confidence to grow in your abilities without taking over. I will come to your home and help you settle into your new life with a baby or babies!. I provide practical, emotional and informational support, simply by listening and helping reassure you that you are doing an amazing job, supporting your feeding choices and cooking you nutritious meals, holding your baby whilst you rest, doing some light housework, or anything else you need to be able to rest and concentrate on getting to know your new baby and finding your feet as a new parent.

My hourly day rate is £22 per hour 

Up to 10 miles of travel expenses are included in my hourly rate, but any additional mileage beyond 10 miles is charged at 45p per mile. 

Please do get in touch with any questions you may have

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