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Take a look at my Canva design!.png
Take a look at my Canva design!.png

Empowering you to support your child in a gentle, responsive way

Click here to book a FREE 15 minute discovery call with me. It's a no obligation chat to discuss your child's sleep and also a great chance to get to know each other
My philosophy is quite simple. You are the expert on your child. No one knows your child quite like you do. You know what makes them tick, their unique personality, traits and their character. My role as your sleep coach is to empower you and to equip you with tools and techniques so that you can support your child to fall asleep easier and more effectively, whilst improving and achieving the right amount of sleep for their age. 
Holistic Sleep Coaching is about promoting family centered care. Care that focuses on providing gentle parenting support coupled with evidence based research, nutrition and holistic wellness.
Its a multi facet approach that looks at the entire family dynamic. Support that is gentle, realistic, responsive and respectful to both child and parent to improve the sleep quality of your child. There are no quick fixes or magic pills. 

Gentle approach which includes: 

Your child's age, developmental stage and what is considered normal according to evidence based research, whilst also considering the family context -  including siblings, parental health, wider family, community and their environment whilst also focusing on emotional and mental health, special needs, anxiety/stress, nutritional needs, allergies and/or intolerances and feeding problems (reflux, colic and allergies/intolerances). 

Suitable for children aged  6 months to 8 years. Through a thorough, comprehensive sleep diary and consultation session we will work together to identify your sleep goals and find suitable strategies that fit with your natural parenting style. My support is non-invasive, realistic and supportive. I am passionate about empowering families to achieve their sleep goals. Click here to see more about the packages I offer

I never use, suggest or recommend any form of controlled crying, rapid return, cry it out, spaced soothing or other methods which involve leaving a child to cry alone. 

I also run a private sleep support group on Facebook called The Sleep Hub where I share videos and posts. Its a friendly community and you are most welcome to join us!

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