Holistic Sleep Support

My philosophy is quite simple. You are the expert on your child. No one knows your child quite like you do. You know what makes them tick, their unique personality, traits and their character. My role as your sleep coach is to empower you and to equip you with tools and techniques so that you can support your child to fall asleep easier and more effectively, whilst improving and achieving the right amount of sleep for their age. 
Holistic Sleep Coaching is about promoting family centered care. Care that focuses on providing gentle parenting support coupled with evidence based research, nutrition and holistic wellness.
Its a multi facet approach that looks at the entire family dynamic. Support that is gentle, realistic, responsive and respectful to both child and parent to improve the sleep quality of your child. There are no quick fixes or magic pills. 

Gentle approach which includes: 

Your child's age, developmental stage and what is considered normal according to evidence based research, whilst also considering the family context -  including siblings, parental health, wider family, community and their environment whilst also focusing on emotional and mental health, special needs, anxiety/stress, nutritional needs, allergies and/or intolerances and feeding problems (reflux, colic and allergies/intolerances). 

Suitable for children aged  6 months to 6 years. Through a thorough, comprehensive sleep diary and consultation session we will work together to identify your sleep goals and find suitable strategies that fit with your natural parenting style. My support is non-invasive, realistic and supportive. I am passionate about empowering families to achieve their sleep goals

I never use, suggest or recommend any form of controlled crying, rapid return, cry it out, spaced soothing or other methods which involve leaving a child to cry alone. 

Sleep Support Consultation



  •           Initial phone call to chat through problem

  •           Thorough and comprehensive sleep diary & parental questionnaire       

  •    1 - 2 hour virtual consultation (via Zoom or Skype during Covid19)

  •    Full written report and strategy suggestions 

  •    Four weeks' support including 1 x 20 minute call per week plus email/text contact*    Fair            usage policy applies 

**Please allow up to 7 days to ensure turn around time for me to send out and for yourself to complete the 3 day sleep diary/forms and to return them**

Via Skype or Zoom:                                                       £295

(Home visits are not being carried out during Covid19)

Additional sibling or twin included in the consultation           £50

One off Sleep Support Call                                                  £80
A simple sleep question answered in an hour phone/video call with a follow up email/text. This is ideal for those with less complex sleep problems or would like to discover more on their child's sleep

Group Sleep Workshop via Zoom                                          £30 per person/couple

Get your antenatal or postnatal group together for a comprehensive chat about sleep. So grab a cuppa and lets chat!

Ideally suited for 4-8 people

Please note:

An individual sleep questionnaire will be sent out prior to the Zoom call to establish sleep concerns for each member