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What well rested families have to say...

"I can't recommend Desiree enough. After 18 months of our 4 year old son waking and sneaking into our bed in the early hours, we thought a good nights sleep was a thing of the past. Thanks to Desiree's fantastic techniques that didn't involve tears or fear - he was sleeping ALL night in his own bed after just one week!!! She is our sleep guru. We don't often give 5 stars but she has truly earnt them" C, mum to A

"Desiree came to visit me at home and she came with a really insightful and detailed sleep plan. The plan demonstrated that she had taken note of all my concerns regarding my daughtres sleep and addressed them all. We implemented the stay and support method which Desiree suggested and my daughter now sleep through! Miracle!" G, mum to H

“Thanks so much for your help, it was a godsend and we managed a lot more sleep than we would have otherwise!” B, mum to H

"Desiree is a delight to work with; She is understanding as a mother herself, and has a very approachable non-judgemental way about her which is so easy to work with. " C, mum of 5

"Without her help, I am not certain that I would have been able to achieve my aim of exclusively breastfeeding the twins. She is an absolute gem, whose help makes everything seem easier and has left me forever grateful!" A, mum to twins F & S

"Desiree is a very reliable, knowledgeable,  caring and enthusiastic lady who is very passionate about her work. She is always smiling. Thank you for all your help and support during the first few months Desiree. you really listened to use during your visit and offered lots of useful ideas which helped us prepare for the taking care of our little one and also thank you for restoring fun at bath time for our baby." S, mum to baby A

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